How does it work?

scrAPIr lets you fetch data through web APIs. You can:

  • Immediately query many already-integrated web APIs.

  • Publish and access shared queries and data sets.

  • Easily add new APIs you need by filling our a web form.

Explore added websites Search public datasets Integrate web data APIs

Access Data from Web Services

Search, query, and obtain data from web services.

Reddit Search
Youtube Search
GitHub Code Search
Yelp Search

Unsplash Search

Google Books Search
News API
Stack Overflow Search

Facebook Ad Library

Nasa Image Search

IEEE Search

Facebook Places

5 Day Weather Forecast

MIT Libraries Search

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Our Research Team

ScrAPIr is a research project built by the Haystack Group at MIT CSAIL.

Visit our GitHub repo to see the code and collaborate with us.

Tarfah Alrashed

David R. Karger